Why a Rally

The time for silence is over.  The time to be heard is NOW.  For too long, we have waited for our politicians to do the right thing.  No more.  Now is the time for the vape community, to come together, in one voice, and make our presence known.  We are thirteen+ (13+) million strong, with families and friends, who have seen the positive change, that vapor products have provided.  If our politicians will not listen to our voices, then our voices will be heard at the Ballot Box this 2020 election.  

Over 400,000 adults, the majority of them parents, will die an early death, THIS YEAR, due to smoking related illness.  Vaping and flavors provide a life saving opportunity to save the parents of the current generation.  They will be alive to see their children graduate college, get married, and have children of their own.  United Vapers Alliance will LOUDLY inform Congress and the FDA, that if they do NOTHING, 99% of all vape products will be removed from the market by May, 2020.  United Vapers Alliance will fight for the right, to live a less harmful lifestyle, and see OUR children grow.  United Vapers Alliance will inform smokers and the general public that vaping is a less harmful alternative compared to the guaranteed death of continuously smoking cigarettes.  Many of us, have lost our parents to a smoking related illness.  Allow freedom of choice so that children can live a full life, with their parents.

Fund the Rally!
Save the Vape!

When: September 5, 2020 – Saturday. SE Quadrant of the Ellipse in Washington DC. 1450 Pennsylvania Ave NW
We need funding for MORE BUSES, rental equipment, and PR.

E-liquid manufacturers, mod makers, distributors, consumers. We need your help. Any donation is welcome! We are 13M strong plus friends and families. We will support any politician who supports our industry!

NOW, more than ever, the industry MUST come together and fight for our survival. Fight for our FREEDOM OF CHOICE! The PMTA death date is near, May 12, 2020. If we do not receive PMTA reform, or removed from FDA authority, 99% OF THIS INDUSTRY WILL DIE. We changed the course of history. We can do it again. Save the VAPE!


Per the request of National Park Services, UVA has implemented a COVID response action plan, to promote the welfare of our attendeeā€™s. UVA will have a First aid Tent available, with 2 medical professionals during the event. We will have hand sanitizer available at the First Aid Station. Masks are a requirement for the event. In the case that an attendee lost, forgot or broke a mask, UVA will have 500 KN95 masks available at the First Aid Station. We will encourage that groups practice 6ft social distancing and we will reiterate this via our sound system throughout the event.

Mission Statement:

United Vapers Alliance (UVA) plans to educate the public and politicians regarding the benefits of harm reduction via vapor products, and will strongly convey that changes must be made, within the FDA, to provide an economically feasible pathway to market.  Currently, the FDA pathway to market is not obtainable for small and medium size manufacturers.  The only entities that can afford the FDA pathway to market is Big Tobacco, while more than 11,000 family owned vapor businesses will shut their doors.  Left unchallenged, 99% of the vapor products, will exit the market in May, 2020.  UVA plans to do this via social media, public events and grassroots activism.  

Press Inquiries

Please email press@vaping.org for all press inquiries regarding the We Vape We Vote Rally. Our official press release can be downloaded and printed by clicking here.

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Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Email: info@unitedvapersalliance.org
Phone: (732) 608-1961