Thousands expected to attend 2nd Save the Vape Rally in Washington, DC

Washington, DC – In November 2019, thousands of vaping advocates descended on the nation’s capital to demand access to tobacco harm reduction products. Organized by the United Vapers Alliance (UVA), adults from throughout the nation peacefully protested to show President Trump, Congress, and the world that “We Vape and We Vote.” The protestors vowed to continue to push elected officials to reject prohibitionist policies that threaten access to vapor products.


Despite fear mongering by the media and special interest groups, vapor products are not Big Tobacco. In fact, the sudden rise of vaping products, known as tobacco harm reduction, is the consumer driven solution to the scourge of Big Tobacco. Millions of American adults have successfully quit smoking cigarettes because of vaping: a lifesaving technology that effectively delivers nicotine in a manner that is 95 percent less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

President Trump Recognizes Harm Reduction, But Threat Still Looms

In response to UVA’s first rally in November 2019, President Trump met with vaping industry leaders and experts during the height of the so-called vaping lung injury epidemic. Recently, Trump acknowledged vapor products are a “less harmful alternative” to combustible cigarettes. Unfortunately, until there is real reform at the federal level, adult access to these lifesaving technologies will be severely restricted, if not eliminated altogether. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates vapor products, has already demonstrated a hasty approach to the unfounded alarmism. On September 9, 2020, FDA is expected to enforce its arbitrary deadline for all manufacturers of vapor products to submit a premarket tobacco application (PMTA). The FDA has been less than forthcoming in providing guidance for many small manufacturers to comply with the PMTA process. Should these PMTAs be enforced, many vapor products will be instantly eliminated.

September 5, 2020: Vapers Will Descend Upon Washington DC—Again

Vapers from coast to coast will once again meet at the Ellipse to show our elected officials that “We Vape, We Vote.” We refuse to accept anything other than unmitigated adult access to vapor products. Again, we will show our elected officials that we will not be ignored.

2020 UVA Save the Vape Rally Date: September 52020

Time: 12pm – 4pm 
Location: SW Quadrant of the Ellipse, Washington, DC

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